Ensuring Project Success

Berkeley has a number of key aspects that it builds into most assignments to promote high client satisfaction and quality deliverables.

Clearly Communicated Project Timetables

Berkeley requires a clear project timetable, which is well communicated among participants. These are normally included in consultation and interview materials submitted in advance.

Structured Approaches to Consultation and Workshops

Berkeley ensures that informants know what information we want and find out in advance to ensure people’s time and effort are respected. We distribute structured discussion guides to interviewees. Before major workshop meetings, we provide workshops guides that outline the materials presented and the discussion topics for the workshop as a basis for participants to understand the logic and intent of the workshop.

Teamwork and Peer Review

On most assignments, there is at least an element of teamwork among a few consultants or with the Berkeley office. Sharing ideas and preliminary findings builds in learning and quality control. Team members critique the materials and conclusions as peers but this is an important control point to ensure good thinking is done.
Berkeley’s support team coordinates all projects and vet documents – All Berkeley assignments are coordinated by our experienced support team. This ensures that the Berkeley Consulting Group is on top of the timing of projects and the quality of interim reports. It makes the quality of documentation consistent.

Track Record of Work Supported by Contracts with Associates

There are clear relationships among members of the consulting teams Berkeley manages. Those are built over time since most associates have worked with Berkeley over many years. However, as a matter of sound administration, contracts exist with all associates and each is updated when new projects are started. Each supplement or update includes clear roles and expectations from members of the team.