An Evolving Practice

The Berkeley Consulting Group’s philosophy is quite holistic – looking at how the pieces fit into an integrated and meaningful whole. For the first decade, Berkeley’s attention was centred on how to define sound strategic direction and effective organizational design structures using the tools and concepts from the strategic management and organizational design schools of thought.

In the past decade, our attention, like that of our clients, has shifted a little towards change management and the role of leaders in the change process. Building on an understanding of  the ‘hard’ side of leadership shaping (to respond to the external world and  business plans),  we have turned to the ‘softer’ issues about how to lead people to create commitment and change behaviour. That shift has turned our attention to leadership development, 360 feedback processes and coaching.

Berkeley Feedback & Development Inc. (BFDI), our affiliated company established in 1995, offers leadership 360 feedback, coaching and leadership development services. BFDI has associates in the UK to support executive coaching assignments.