Contrarian Reflections on Strategy and Policy

Since stepping into a management consulting career 44 years ago, and after 34 years of teaching at  the Schulich School of Business, Jim Mackay sees retirement on the near horizon. This means I will have a chance to reflect.  But that reflection will not be on the past.  Instead it will be about the issues facing business and public leaders today benefiting from relevant lessons learned from experience.

Since I have been focused on senior leader challenges and governance work all my career, that will guide the nature of my reflections and thoughts.  Some may be about strategic trends and some about the strategically obvious which I continually see as surprises to many.  I am a born and nurtured contrarian according to many, so don’t expect to always agree with me. I hope, however, to make people think.

I still have over 300 MBA students to get going on the Schulich eight month capstone experiential course, studying the strategy of a real company, in September. So, after that, I should start spreading my thoughts to those who may find them of interest.  Look forward to your feedback then.